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No 1.jūnija līdz 31.augustam bērnu literatūras nodaļa sestdienās slēgta.

Bērnu literatūras nodaļa apmeklētājiem atvērta darba dienās no pulkstens 9:00 līdz 17:00!

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Autors Luly 28 04 2013 10:11

Hey, Hart, it was fun learning about your onilne and writing career. You are obviously doing things right ... look at all of your followers, FB friends and those who have bought your book!You rock.Kathy M.

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Autors Honney 11 05 2013 13:12

Hitching from Newport down the Oregon coast and into Cali a few years ago, I found myself temporarily waylaid by storms, so I camped out near Yachats and kept on writing. What started out as a four-day reststop became a month; it turned out to be a nice place to lounge and write. I think that one is over thirty thousand words and the first draft took right about five weeks. It’s called Olive Might The Ocean Be and it’s on my site. I really didn’t prepare for it a la nano et al. (hehe). Just leaving one job, heading to another, and had some time on my hands in between. Brine, seagulls, and the constant woosh and thud of the waves: these and other ubiquitous sounds and smells surrounded my tent on the beach, so I included them in the proceedings. It took a few pages for a plot to emerge, but when one did, I went with it. Then, later, I cut the first thirty or so pages.In other words, “Kick some butt Ant!” It took five attempts before I finished my first novel-length manuscript.

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Autors Denim 11 05 2013 13:12

Hitching from Newport down the Oregon coast and into Cali a few years ago, I found myself temporarily waylaid by storms, so I camped out near Yachats and kept on writing. What started out as a four-day reststop became a month; it turned out to be a nice place to lounge and write. I think that one is over thirty thousand words and the first draft took right about five weeks. It’s called Olive Might The Ocean Be and it’s on my site. I really didn’t prepare for it a la nano et al. (hehe). Just leaving one job, heading to another, and had some time on my hands in between. Brine, seagulls, and the constant woosh and thud of the waves: these and other ubiquitous sounds and smells surrounded my tent on the beach, so I included them in the proceedings. It took a few pages for a plot to emerge, but when one did, I went with it. Then, later, I cut the first thirty or so pages.In other words, “Kick some butt Ant!” It took five attempts before I finished my first novel-length manuscript.

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Autors Caelii 20 05 2013 11:21

nicely!Mel-good luck with your revisions! Glad you are making progress! (and thank you!)Manzanita-are you using special as a euphemism? teehee (and YAY for goodie bags!)Enid-I'd love to write clean enough to not have to rewrite, but I think I end up with far better books if I write fast and rewrite extensively.Jenny-erm... that would be me placeholding *shifty*Gina-oh, I hear you! I think part of my problem is I love the dead Russians, as writers go. I like a nice long setup to orient me, but you sure can't publish one these days.Lisa- *snarf* Nice wordplay there.Deb-I enjoy the surprise, too--I was never a super-engaged solver, not because I couldn't, but because I enjoyed it more when I didn't.Carol-learning is GOOD! In this case, relearning... I knew, but I was in denial about the bloody rules... me being me...Jan-yeah--a LOT of mysteries want murder right up front. I think it depends on the story a lot. I've seen it done either way, but the stories need to be compelling regardless, or I get annoyed. Cozies are more character driven though, than... say PI or hardboiled.

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Autors Tessica 27 05 2013 09:35

Holly-you'll pick 'em up! (erm... me too, I hope)Michael-I'd say paranormal, not horror (the edgier parts of my stuff are human--mental illness, abuse) but I totally appreciate the show recommendation! I'll see if I can find it online, as that is where I see most of my TV.Raquel, it flies, doesn't it? Seems so strange to say that... on my 3rd. Stranger still, since none are OUT. The writing IS the best part... I just need to GET to it!!!Roland-hey, good way to look at it! That is really how I do my WriMos--you have to when you are on a time crunch. I tend to write when I have time, though--so leaving when I'm eager doesn't always work. I also worry about my memory... But maybe that would help me be in a hurry to get started each day, so it may be worth a shot!

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